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Victoria in Asia Hidden Object


Victoria's discovery of a map and a note from her grandfather's attic, detailing how to find the lost Atlantis, kickstarted the journey of her wildest dreams! Without much thought, she asked her Uncle's friend, Steve to join along in search of the missing city!Follow Victoria and Steve on the most exciting journey you can only imagine! Travel through different continents in a 5-part series game, beginning with the very first trip to the distant city of Shanghai! Each story has its own unique level and a special gameplay for you to enjoy!
In Shanghai, your task is to get to Buddha's abandoned temple. Seek the help of an old wise man who can guide you to a boat and start searching Buddha's place. But be careful, many dangers await your path!
Game Features:-Play exciting Hidden Object levels!-Find the lost continent, Atlantis!-Engaging 5-part series, beginning with Shanghai!-Hints available if you get stuck!-Bonus minigames!
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